KOA Educational Consulting LLC

Redefining the educational climate in the 21st Century

KOA Educational Consulting LLC, is owned and managed by Ajoke Shote-Adefeso. She oversees a team of professionals ranging from educators, counselors, coaches, and mentors.

Ajoke started in the education field in 1997 as an elementary teacher, teaching students from kindergarten through grade twelve, in both public and private schools. She has held positions in local education authorities, as a teacher, department chair, member of school leadership team, literacy coach, implementing "Explicit Direct Instruction" (EDI), teacher on special assignment, as well as being principal designee.

Coming from a background of educators, she firmly believes that leadership skills are very important in developing a positive school culture which leads to students being involved school learning and teachers gaining professional growth. She believes that students, parents, and the community reinforce the growth of college bound students.

At KOA Educational Consulting LLC, our vision is to create quality elements where resources, services, management, and consultants can provide educational solutions to today's challenges.

Our Mission is to become a premiere global educational service provider.

Our objectives are to:

  • offer recognized training for private, independent, and local educational authorities.
  • provide integrated educational consultancy services.
  • provide expertise in developing educational training content.
  • organize conferences, seminars, events, and provide webinars.
  • build strategic partnerships with organizations, families, and students.