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Further Education Colleges & Other Institutions

You can study further education courses at a variety of institutions including:

Schools: Many schools offer further education qualifications such as A levels, the International Baccalaureate and vocational qualifications.

Sixth Form Colleges: These colleges mainly cater for students aged 16 -18, and specialize in academic courses to prepare students for higher education.

Further & Higher Education Colleges: These colleges offer courses and qualifications in a wide range of vocational and academic subjects at many levels. Some specialize in particular industry sectors such as art and design, catering, engineering or finance.

Private Training Providers: Private training companies work with colleges and employers to provide practical training and international-respected qualifications in subjects such as engineering, ICT, health and social care.

Universities: Universities mainly offer higher education courses, but many also offer a range of further education courses.

Grade Level & State Exams





           3 - 4/5                        Nursery                              N/A                                N/A


          4/5 - 11                       Primary                       Years 1 - 6           Kindergarten - 5th

         12 - 16                       Secondary                   Years 7 - 11                     6th - 10th

         17 -18                       6th Form or                  Years 12 -13                  11th - 12th

                                    work-based training                                             (Junior -Senior)                                       


GCSE Exams:

At the end of year 11, students take national standardized exams; the General Certificate of Secondary Education. Students may choose the number and subjects of their exams, (there are 48 GCSE exams available). They may opt to sit higher (level A - D) or lower (C - G level) exams. However, English, Math, and Science are required subjects, and UK universities expect students to sit at least 5 GCSE exams.

Post 16 Qualifications:

After GCSE's students may choose academic or vocational track. Students who go on the vocational track may choose to receive work qualification. Students  onto continuing the academic track attend 6th form colleges during years 12 - 13.

Students may choose the number and subjects of their A levels, however, universities expect students to complete at least 2 A level qualifications. Some university degree programs may specify A level subjects and results for required admission.