KOA Educational Consulting LLC

Redefining the educational climate in the 21st Century

What is educational consulting?
Educational consulting is the sector of consulting in which the consultant advises and gives the recommendations for educational progress.
What is the scope of educational consulting?
There is no limit of educational consulting.  Education affects our economy and global markets, therefore the scope is infinite.
What are the main objectives of educational consulting?
The main objective of consulting is:
  • to solve educational problems
  • to guide private, independent, local educational authorities, parents and students 
  • to motivate students
  • to solve college admissions problems
  • to grow and develop the working of university career guidance
What is the difference between coaching and consulting?
Coaching is a method of teaching and engaging in any activity in a supportive and motivating manner. Generally, a coach works one-on-one with a client and remains actively involved with the client throughout the process.
Consulting, on the other hand, involves services that are provided for a specific topic, generally on organizational topics.  A consultant will provide an analysis and some recommendations for improvement of a certain process.  A consultant will work with either one individual within an organization or with a group of people within an organization.

College/University students:
How many colleges/universities should I apply to?
Apply only to schools conducive to your lifestyle. There are many options including online courses.
How can an independent education consultant help me?
We can be invaluable resource during the college search and application process.  At KOA Educational Consulting our services are tailor-made to your needs.
College Planning
After high school, graduates want to go onto college to explore areas of interest and begin to live independently.  In doing so, they begin to gain marketable skills and knowledge so they can pursue successful and rewarding careers.  We are committed to personalizing each students' admissions process, through knowledgeable, practical guidance.
Career Planning
We are here to help high school juniors and seniors, college students and young professionals.  We offer resume building advice as well as identify course, activities and internships that will enable college students to capitalize on the college experience to develop marketable skills and identify appropriate career choices.