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Is Your High School "Linked"?

California high schools may not be meeting the needs of our students. Many students complain that they are bored, unchallenged, and at times fail to see the relevance of what they are being taught, to the 'market place', and therefore tend to drop out of high school, without realizing their full potential. With educational funding cuts, vocational programs at the high schools have been reduced drastically, and students feel that there is no way out. There is a lot of emphasis that students should go to a four year college, but we must realize that not everyone wants to go to college, learn and acquire skills at the same rate. So instead of choosing Business School, or Law school students are taking the third option...dropping out.

Linked Learning, is an approach that helps students realize their potential, see the connection of what they are being taught and apply in the real world. Linked Learning transforms traditional high school experience by bringing strong academics, rigorous technical skills, real world experience to help students gain an advantage in high school, post-secondary education and careers.

High schools who have adopted the "Linked Learning" approach, through their Linked Learning Academy encourage students to follow a topic-specific pathway, designed as a multi-year, comprehensive program that engages them through project-based learning in the classroom paired with career exposure and practical applications in a real-world setting. All Linked Learning Academies include:

  • A college-prep academic core emphasizing real-world applications.
  • A technical core of three or more courses meeting industry standards.
  • Work-based learning.
  • Personalized student support (academic, emotional/social, college and career guidance).
For more information contact your school counselor and visit http://www.connectedcalifornia.org