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CAASPP~ Communication FAQs About Smarter Balanced

Part of Comprehensive Plan for Student Success
California schools are preparing students for the challenges for the future. California has developed a comprehensive plan for high quality teaching and learning in every school. It has higher academic standards, more decision making are in the hands of schools, parents, communities, and more resources are dedicated to schools and students with the greatest need.
Gradually, schools are providing more support for teachers, more resources for teachers, and more access to technology. As a result, exciting changes have began to take place in the classrooms. Students are learning to read to cite evidence and draw logical conclusions. They are learning to use Math to solve real-world problems, rather than pick from multiple choice answers.
What Are the Smarter Balanced Assessments?
The Smarter Balanced Assessments are new computer based tests that measure students knowledge of California's English language arts/literacy (ELA) and Mathematic standards. The first statewide administration of these assessments took place in spring 2015.
Why Are New Assessments Needed in California?
California has adopted more rigorous academic standards that emphasize not only subject knowledge, but also critical thinking, analytical writing, and problem solving skills that students need to be more successful in college and career. This new assessment system represents the next step in a comprehensive plan to promote high-quality teaching and learning and improve student outcomes.

How Will This System Help Improve Teaching and Learning?

The Smarter Balanced assessments are an academic check-up, designed to give teachers the feedback they need to improve instruction. The system provides to types of interim assessments that teachers and students can use to assess student learning at key points during the instructional year, and to measure student preparedness for year-end summative tests. These tests provide information for teachers to adjust and differentiate instruction in response to the results. The system also provides Digital Library of professional learning and instructional resources to help teachers assess individual learning during instruction, provide feedback to students in a timely manner and adjust teaching and learning as needed.